Since the mid-nineties I have wandered as far and as often as I could. Using the excuse of pursuing academic merit, I have managed to study (though it's questionable how much) in India, Australia and Japan. Afterwards I have under other excuses lived in Australia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and England.

Since 2003 I have been working as a trekking guide (France and Italy) and tour leader (Cambodia, China, Laos, Malaysian Borneo, Mongolia, Thailand, and Vietnam).

I'm the founder of Globe Spots, a travel inspiration website with an edge.

While I'm in different corners of the globe I take pictures. My focus is street and travel photography, and my work have appeared on websites, as postcards, in travel catalogues, magazines and even a Lonely Planet guide book.

Though travelling has been my job for many years, I still love to wander off whenever possible. This has taken me to more than 100 countries, and I'm planning to keep the number growing.

If you are curious, or just plain bored, you can take a look at a more detailed list of my travel activities.


name: Bo LÝvschall (Loevschall)

born: 1973 in Denmark

project: Globe Spots

contact: boloevschall@gmail.com


updated 27/12 2012