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Tibetan sky burial
  Tibetan sky burial
Opdag Verden Rejsemagasin, vol. ?, 2009
(in Danish, original title "Tibetansk himmelbegravelse")
Words and pictures
Amazing Gobi
  Exploring the Gobi dessert in Mongolia
Opdag Verden Rejsemagasin, vol. 1, 2008
(in Danish, original title "Dramatiske Gobi")
Words and pictures
Jungle rafting in Northern Thailand
  Rafting trough the jungle in the Northwest corner of Thailand
Adventure World Magazine, vol. 87, 2007
(in Danish, original title "Junglerafting i Nordthailand")
Words and pictures
Visit the tunnels of Mao
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  Chairman Mao's old tunnel system under Beijing, China
Søndagsavisen, week 38, 2007
(in Danish, original title "Besøg Maos tunneller")
Words and pictures
Conqueror The Great Wall of China
  Trekking the Great Wall of China, China
Adventure World Magazine, vol. 85, 2007
(in Danish, original title "Erobering af Den Kinesiske Mur")
Words and pictures
Through the caves of Vietnam in kayak
  Cave kayaking in Halong Bay, Vietnam
Adventure World Magazine, vol. 84, 2007
(in Danish, original title "Gennem Vietnams grotter i kajak")
Words and pictures
Laui Laui
  Trekking in Malaysian Borneo
Adventure World Magazine, vol. 77, 2006
(in Danish, original title "Laui Laui")
Words and pictures
From opium to eco
  Travels in the Golden Triangle of Laos
Adventure World Magazine, vol. 74, 2006
(in Danish, original title "Fra opium til øko")
Words and pictures
Best of 2006
  Counterfeit CDs in Brunei
Mansize, Australian ezine, 2006
(in English)
The Lonely Planet story
  Book review
Adventure World Magazine, vol. 73, 2006
(in Danish)
One night in Bangkok
  Well, about one night in Bangkok
Mansize, Australian ezine, 2005
(in English)
By old Inca trails
  Trekking in Bolivia
Adventure World Magazine, vol. 53, 2003
(in Danish, original title "Ad gamle inkastier")
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